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Best Rod (weight) for Your Alaska Fly Fishing Trip


We receive a fair number of questions about the “best” weight fly rod to bring on your Alaska Peninsula fishing adventure. Below is Rus’s simplified recommendation for single-handed rods at our two operations.

By Trip

By Month

  • June: 5, 7
  • July: 5, 7; 9 after July 4 or so
  • August: 6 or 5 and 7, 8 or 9
  • September: 6 or 5 and 8 or 9

By Species

Other Thoughts

  • All reels should be rigged with a floating line. In some occasional situations, a short (5′ to 10′) sink-tip line or sinking leader can be helpful. But a floating line only will work just fine.
  • Rods with fighting butts are mandatory on 7 thru 10 weights. If you have a choice, one on your 6 weight will be very helpful.
  • 4 piece rods are better for traveling on major airlines and for the charter flight to camp. They may actually fit inside your duffel bag. 3 piece rods are OK. We don’t recommend 2 piece rods for travel ease.

For extensive discussion on rods, reels, lines, etc, click here.

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