Silver Salmon - Alaska Fly Fishing Trips

Silver Salmon
aka "Coho"

There is no question why these heavy shouldered, thick bodied salmon are the most sought after sport fish in Alaska. Why? They fight like an Alaskan rainbow trout on steroids! Plus they’re not nearly as selective and there’s a lot more of them!

Fish range 6 – 16 pounds, average around 10 pounds, and carry a reputation for explosive top water takes, bursts of great speed and jaw-dropping displays of aerial acrobatics.

Add this world renowned sport fish and our close proximity to salt water together, and anglers will learn why Chris Santella’s book, Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die, calls Alaska Wilderness SAFARI “…one of the best places in the world to pursue chrome-bright, ocean-fresh silver salmon.”

  • Rod

    8 to 9 weight rods with medium-fast to fast action.
  • Reel

    Durable reels with medium to strong disc drag and 150 yards of 30 pound backing.
  • Line

    A floating line works well in most conditions. One sink tip in the 5 to 15 foot range with a medium to fast sink rate can be helpful at times, but not mandatory.
  • Leader

    15 pound.