Dolly Varden
aka "Char or Arctic Char"

Once the salmon show up in good numbers, big numbers of dollies follow them up river and stage just downstream of the spawning behemoths, who can individually drop thousands of eggs in the stream.

The dollies are voracious, hard hitting and feed aggressively on salmon egg imitations and streamers, some days mice patterns. Once hooked, often during egg-induced feeding frenzies, the dollies are surprisingly tenacious fighters – they just don’t ever seem to give up – and can definitely put a good bend in a fly rod and a BIG smile on your face.

Fish of this type typically range from 12 – 24 inches and average 18 to 20 inches. However, some seasons bringer larger fish in the 18 – 26+ inch range.

The camp record, landed in 2015, is 30.25 inches.

Click this link, Dolly Varden, for more information.

  • Rod

    6 to 7 weight rods with medium to fast action
  • Reel

    Quality reel with disc drag to match rod
  • Line

    A floating line works well in all conditions
  • Leader

    8 to 10 pound