Chum Salmon
aka "Tiger, Calico or Dog Salmon"

Sport fishing for chrome-bright, ocean-fresh chum salmon (a.k.a “tiger salmon” when colored up) is rapidly gaining a reputation for knuckle-pounding, drag peeling action, and they are considered a first-rate sport fish when caught in or near the salt water. Fish range from 6 – 16 pounds, average about 10 pounds, and can be absolutely jaw-dropping explosive when caught off the The Beach. They are not as aerial as the silvers, but their freight train like runs leave a lasting impression.

It is a little known fact that in this coastal environment chums are hungry for top water flies, and at first glance to the untrained eye, these ocean-fresh chums are difficult to distinguish from their silver salmon cousins.

And it’s very common for our guides to hear, “I’ve never caught a chum salmon that bright before….or fought that hard!” Again, the reason they are so bright and fight so well is our close proximity to the ocean.

  • Rod

    8 to 9 weight rods with medium-fast to fast action
  • Reel

    Durable reels with medium to strong disc drag and 150 yards of 30 pound backing
  • Line

    A floating line works well in most conditions. One sink tip in the 5 to 15 foot range with a medium to fast sink rate can be helpful at times, but not mandatory.
  • Leader

    15 pound