King Salmon
aka "Chinook"

Want to battle behemoth sized fish? Try sight casting to these “giant red missiles” in a small stream and you’ll experience Alaska’s biggest and strongest salmon species. And these battle-ready fish will definitely put your 9 weight rod to the test!

The king salmon in this watershed range from 6 pounds to the possible but rare 30+ pounds, with most fish ranging 10 to 20 pounds. Big bright streamers placed right on the end of their nose usually does the trick. Yes, they can be finicky! Heavily weighted flies and persistence are paramount. Sink-tip fly lines can be helpful if the flows are higher than normal, but a floating lines does the trick 99% of the time.

If fly fishing for king salmon is a trip priority for you, target July 4th or later.

  • Rod

    9 or 10 weight single handed rods with medium-fast to fast action
  • Reel

    Durable reels with strong disc drag and 200 yards of 30 pound backing
  • Line

    A floating line works well in most conditions. Helpful at times: a sink tip in the 10 to 15 foot range with a medium to fast sink rate.
  • Leader

    20 pound