Arctic Grayling
aka "Sailfish of the North"

If you want to catch wild Alaskan fish on dry flies literally all day long, the grayling are impossible to beat. These voracious eaters are also opportunistic and aggressive on nymphs, streamers, egg patterns and this is the only place in Alaska we have consistently taken grayling on mice patterns. Yes, they are that hungry! And, yes, sometimes they can’t get their mouth around the big mouse patterns we love to throw.

In this watershed the grayling range from 10 – 18+ inches, average about 14 inches, and are sure to put a smile on your face with light tackle.

Click this link, arctic grayling, for more information.

  • Rod

    5 weight rod with medium to medium-fast action
  • Reel

    Quality reel to match rod
  • Line

    A floating line is all you need
  • Leader

    6 to 8 pound