Halibut - Alaska Fly Fishing Trips


The Best Alaska Halibut Fishing!

We realize most fly fishermen have no interest in going Alaska halibut fishing. After all, the stereotype is a large party boat, heavy tackle in 100 to 200 foot of water, and heaving up dead weight off the bottom.

Well, our shallow water halibut fishing experience (10 to 50 foot of water) is so far from stereotypical halibut fishing, you’ll probably want to do it more than once!

Halibut fishing is certainly not a main focus of our fishing program, but the opportunity is there – whether you want to just help catch dinner or catch a halibut on a fly. Most fish we pursue in our shallow bay system run 5 to 35 pounds, but we have definitely pulled in some 75 to 100 pound fish!

Give our atypical Alaska halibut fishing a try during your week. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • Tackle for Halibut fishing will be provided by Epic.