The Fishing

OUTPOST is an Alaska fly fishing trip for those who love BIG FISH in small water! 

Fishing Overview

Bristol Bay Alaska Fly Fishing

  • Exceptional small stream fishing
  • Little chance of seeing fishermen from other Bristol Bay fly fishing lodges
  • Mouse, streamer and dry fly fishing for rainbow trout
  • All day long dry fly fishing for arctic grayling
  • Grueling battles with king and chum salmon
  • Excellent dolly varden fishing
  • 7 weight best all around fly rod—can throw mice patterns and catch everything but the king salmon
  • 10 weight a must for Alaska king salmon fly fishing
  • Bring quality gear – big king salmon will destroy low end rods/reels
  • 4 weight perfect for throwing dry flies all day
  • Ultra light spinning gear an absolute blast

Outpost Species Timing

OUTPOST Species Timing

Click timing chart to enlarge

This chart shows the prime times for the primary species we pursue at OUTPOST camp. Click to enlarge.

The earlier you come, the more focused we are on trout and grayling fishing. The later, the more variety in species.

The trout fishing can still be good in July in our home water, it’s just different once the salmon and dollies show up in larger numbers.

Want a coastal Alaska fly fishing experience instead that offers more than just small stream fishing? Check out our Alaska Wilderness SAFARI camp.

In the spirit of sportsmanship and preserving this world-class fishery, all fishing is catch and release for rainbow trout. Fresh salmon may be retained for meals at camp or riverside. If you want to bring fish home, you can purchase commercially caught fish from the locals of King Salmon, AK. We can help coordinate.