Planning Your Trip

Remote Alaska Fly Fishing Trip

Alaska Wilderness OUTPOST is a great Bristol Bay fly fishing trip, but it offers some amazing scenery, too.

Here you will find all the necessary information for planning your remote Alaska fly fishing trip with us. Of course, please contact us if you have ANY questions.

“Best” Time to Visit

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The most popular question we receive is “when is the best time to go?” The answer is so subjective we created this graphical explanation in hopes of concisely explaining the difference between mid June vs. late July. Because in a matter of weeks, you can see two very different fisheries.

We did our best to make this chart accurate, but please take into account the variability induced by Mother Nature. Please let us know if you have any questions.


2023 Season

  • $5,000* – 8 days/7 nights (certain dates only)
  • $4,500* – 7 days/6 nights (certain dates only)
Pricing per person, 4 guests max. per week, mid June through late July.


  • Round-trip air charter from King Salmon to camp via helicopter
  • Guided fishing for 6.5 or 5.5 days
  • Rustic camp accommodations**
  • Meals
  • Limited complimentary drinks
  • Flies and terminal tackle

Not Included:

  • Transportation to King Salmon, AK
  • Hotel in King Salmon or Anchorage
  • Fishing license ($55 for 7 day non-resident; $30 for 7 day King Salmon stamp)
  • Fishing Equipment***
  • Gratuity


*Due to recent large fluctuations in flying and fuel costs, a possible fuel surcharge may be applied to your trip.

*If you are or your group is heavier than average, you may be subject to additional charges due to charter aircraft weight limits. Please contact us for more details.

**Guest tents include bedding (sleeping bag, bag liner, pillow & cot).

***We do have a limited supply of loaner and backup fly fishing equipment (and ultra-light spin). Please let us know ahead of time if you need to borrow a rod or reel for the week.

Please see our cancellation policy here.

Want a more sophisticated, comfortable fly fishing adventure? Check out our Alaska Wilderness SAFARI operation.

Or consider a shorter (prorated daily) stay at OUTPOST camp. This option is available for groups of 3 or more during the first or last week of each season (dates vary each year). Certain constraints do apply. Please contact us for more information on this option.

NOTE: Because this is a physical trip, we suggest 250 pounds as a maximum guest weight limit on this adventure. Please contact us for more details.

NOTE: 2024 prices are TBD.


ALASKA WILDERNESS OUTPOST operates from mid June to late July. Please contact us for available dates.

A 50% deposit per person is required to secure your reservation when you book within 12 months of your trip. For trips more than 12 months out we generally require a 25% deposit at the time of booking, with another 25% due in October before your trip.

While this payment policy may seem harsh, we almost always bend over backwards to the customer’s benefit and our own financial detriment. But we definitely have limits. We are less flexible with very short notice cancellations, even for medical reasons, because it is near impossible to refill your space within days or weeks of your trip. And we are less flexible when we know that we’ve turned business away while you held a spot on our calendar.

Does this worry you? Consider Travel and evacuation insurance through Global Rescue.

ALASKA WILDERNESS OUTPOST or EPIC ANGLING & ADVENTURE, LLC will not be responsible for damage or injury to participants or personal property. We will not be responsible for any expenses incurred from delays as a result of weather, transportation or other conditions over which we have no control.

Travel & Evac Insurance

Medical and security emergencies happen. When they do, we rely on Global Rescue, the world’s leading membership organization providing integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis response services to travelers worldwide. Memberships start at $139.

Global Rescue has created the industry’s most complete travel insurance that was built with the outdoorsman in mind. With minimal exclusions, the IMG Signature Travel Insurance is the perfect add-on to your Global Rescue membership.

To find out more information please go to our landing page on Global Rescue’s website here.

Gear List

Although we have a small amount of gear available for loan, most anglers prefer to bring their own.

Please download our OUTPOST camp gear list for information about clothing, tackle and equipment appropriate for this adventure. Contact us for a hard copy if you are unable to download the electronic version.

Most anglers prefer to bring their own rods/reels, but we do have a limited supply of loaner and backup fly fishing equipment (and ultra-light spin). Please let us know ahead of time if you need to borrow a rod or reel for the week.

A few important comments about waders and wading boots – without question, guests are most comfortable throughout the week in breathable, Gore-Tex type waders. In fact, for your comfort we insist that you absolutely do NOT bring neoprene waders to the Outpost camp. We do not provide waders or wading boots, so please exercise care in finding a comfortable and appropriate pair prior to your arrival at camp.

Check out our blog for some good info and discussion on your Alaska fishing trip gear and clothing. Plus, there’s more gear discussion by one of our guides here and here.

NOTE: The State of Alaska banned felt-soled wading boots in 2012.

If you need a satellite phone for personal use during your visit, please rent one prior to your arrival at camp from Outfitter Satellite. They may be reached at (877) 436-2255 or through their website. There is a satellite phone available at camp for emergency use only.

We do see bears throughout the season, but please DO NOT bring personal firearms to camp.

Travel Overview

Travel logistics between our OUTPOST camp and King Salmon are much simpler compared to our SAFARI camp. Because of the helicopter transport to/from camp and camp’s closer proximity to King Salmon, you are far less likely to experience weather-related delays (compared to the SAFARI camp or many other Alaska fly-in lodges). Under most conditions, you can expect predictable travel between camp and King Salmon on Saturdays. Hopefully you’re not the first, but no guest has ever missed their connecting flight back to Anchorage!

Ready for take-off in King Salmon!

To King Salmon

Most major commercial airlines fly to Anchorage from the lower 48. But Covid really screwed up the historical good flight schedules between Anchorage and King Salmon.

The bottom line is we highly recommend that guests travel all the way to King Salmon and overnight the day before you start your trip at OUTPOST camp.

Currently you have two practical choices flying into King Salmon, Alaska Air and Ravn Air.

Once in King Salmon, contact our charter company, Egli Air Haul at (907) 246-3554 to let them know you have arrived in King Salmon, or you may press #20 at the airport call terminal. If you are overnighting in King Salmon, call your lodging provider for shuttle service from the airport.

Arrival at OUTPOST Camp

To Camp

The next morning, Egli Air Haul will shuttle your party to their hanger then transport you from King Salmon to the camp via helicopter. The flight is a ½ hour.

Departing King Salmon

Egli Air Haul will return for you on the final day of your trip with us.

For your return flight to Anchorage that day, book a mid to late afternoon flight (no earlier than 3:00pm) to allow for possible morning weather delays when departing camp.

Avoid tight connections times in Anchorage on your way home. Although more rare at the OUTPOST camp, weather delays do happen!


Soft-side luggage is mandatory (two medium duffel bags is better than one large bag). Do not over pack and do not bring large hard-sided roller bags, as the helicopter has very limited cargo space. There is a strictly enforced 60 pound per person weight restriction (including rods/reels, day packs and duffel bags). Yes, you can get everything within 60 pounds. And you can safely leave extraneous items in the Egli Air Haul hanger.

We prefer that guests avoid bringing large “bazooka-type” rod carries; 3 and 4 piece fly rods and 2 piece spinning rods travel best on the helicopter.

Lodging & Air

Air between Anchorage and King Salmon

Lodging in Anchorage

All 3 hotels above are located conveniently close to the Anchorage airport. (There are many lodging options in Anchorage, so don’t hesitate to shop around.)

Lodging in King Salmon

*Be sure to declare that you are an EPIC client when making phone reservations at Lakeshore Inn & Suites, Alex Hotel & Suites or Antlers Inn, as you should receive a reduced rate. Email us to receive a discount code if you book Antlers Inn online.


Please contact us if you have any questions about air or hotel reservations.

ALASKA WILDERNESS OUTPOST or EPIC ANGLING & ADVENTURE, LLC will not be responsible for damage or injury to participants or personal property. We will not be responsible for any expenses incurred from delays as a result of weather, transportation or other conditions over which we have no control.

Fishing License & Regs

Please note that we DO NOT have licenses available for purchase at camp and they MUST be purchased prior to your charter flight to camp. You may buy your license in King Salmon or Anchorage, however we strongly suggest that you pre-purchase them online several weeks prior to your trip.

You should buy a “7 day nonresident sport fishing license” ($45 in 2022). Choose a start time of noon on your arrival day to camp. Plus,


If you are fishing at the OUTPOST camp in late June or anytime in July, DO NOT forget your “7 day nonresident king salmon stamp” ($45 in 2022).


Please take some time to review the state of Alaska Fishing Regulations for the Bristol Bay region.


Temperatures at Outpost Camp are usually in the 40s to 70s.

Expect temperatures from the low 40s to the high 70s. Please note, however, that temps mid to late June occasionally fall into the 30’s on calm, clear nights.


Be mentally prepared. Rain squalls and wind are likely to occur sometime during your week, so high quality hooded rain gear is essential. Remember to dress in layers – the conditions can change from rainy and windy to sunny and calm, and back, in the same afternoon.

Remember: it can rain any time in Alaska!

Please remember that you are traveling in a very remote area and weather-related flying delays, although very rare at the OUTPOST camp, can occur. And even though a helicopter does a better job in poor weather than a plane, we appreciate your patience in dealing with any possible delays.

If you check the weather forecast prior to arriving at camp, weather information from King Salmon, AK is a reasonable representation of camp’s weather.

Camp Itinerary

A Typical Day

Bristol Bay Fly Fishing Trip

Ready to experience some great Bristol Bay fly fishing!

Since we do not have to rise early to race against other lodges trying to compete for the best waters, a typical day begins around 7:00 a.m. with a steaming cup of coffee or hot tea. A hearty camp breakfast is served at 8:00, with a departure from camp between 8:30 and 9:00, depending on when guests are ready to go. The guides pack the lunches and they are typically served on the water. We generally return to camp around 6:oo or 6:15 for refreshments and rehydration. Dinner begins around 7:00.

A Typical Week

The first day of arrival acquaints guests with the layout and basic rules of the camp. Guests unpack their bags and move into their tent, then grab equipment for rigging. After a quick lunch we’ll take the shortest hike across the tundra for a half day of fishing. Depending on your trip length, the next 5 or 6 days of the trip are full days of fishing; the final day at camp has no fishing. If you’re up for the adventure, generally 1 day out of the week, maybe another half day, we’ll take the jet boat to access other creeks down river from base camp.


Alaska Fly Fishing Tent Camp

Daily hikes are required on this fly fishing adventure.


Your level of fitness is so important to the success of this adventure we dedicated an entire page to it.

This is a physical week requiring 15 to 100+ minute hikes across uneven and spongy tundra. The challenge is not the distance. It’s the uneven and soft footing that challenges most folks. There is almost no elevation change on our trajectories, but walking on tundra is like walking through soft sand or a field of thick, wet sponges… 1 tundra mile easily equals 2 to 3 pavement miles in effort.

The lower and middle stretches of the creek are a 15 to 35 minute walk across the tundra, and are not too bad for outdoorsy folks in better than average physical shape.

However, guests must be in excellent cardiovascular and physical shape to reach the upper stretches of our home river (45 to 100+ min. hike). You should be able to walk several pavement miles and multiple flights of stairs without being winded.

Forgive our bluntness, but please do not show up at camp in poor physical condition – it could make a long and possibly unenjoyable week. And please do not count frequent golfing or walking around the block as proper training for this adventure, or the tundra will definitely humble you!

Any questions? Please contact us.

NOTE: We suggest 250 pounds as a maximum guest weight limit on this adventure.