Chum Salmon
aka "Tiger, Calico or Dog Salmon"

We see strong numbers of chum salmon (a.k.a. “tiger salmon“) in this watershed and they consistently take a fly. These hard fighting fish have been overlooked by fly anglers for many years and now have a reputation for knuckle-pounding battles… and we’ve seen reels nearly spooled when these guys find heavy current. (We actually recovered an entire fly line, 4 hours later and a mile upstream, still attached to the chum salmon that broke it off!)

Also know as a “tiger salmon” for their eye-catching and unique red striping, catching these fish are sure to put a BIG smile on your face (and a burn in your bicep)!

Fish range from 6 – 14 pounds, average 8 – 9 pounds.

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  • Rod

    7 to 8 weight rods with medium-fast to fast action
  • Reel

    Durable reels with medium to strong disc drag and 150 yards of 30 pound backing
  • Line

    A floating line works well in most conditions.
  • Leader

    15 pound