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Alaska Peninsula Fly Fishing

Guests and the 2013 Staff, late August, Nakalilok Bay

Well, we’re back from another great season of adventuring and fishing in Alaska. We’re definitely all happy to be home but still transitioning back to city life – getting used to cell phones, computers, traffic and remembering those darn passwords!

As I’ve mentioned to several people, it’s really nice to not have to look over my shoulder anymore for bears, but drivers that text on their phones are clearly more dangerous than any Alaska grizzly bear (people, please stop texting and driving!).

We are honored to spend the summers in Nakalilok Bay, so thanks to all our guests for giving us reason to be in that very special, remote bay on the Alaska Peninsula – we couldn’t be there without you. And thanks again to our staff – you guys made it happen. (A special thanks to Chris for keeping our bellies full of amazing food.)

I look forward to catching up with everyone between now and next summer…

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