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Things to do around King Salmon, Alaska


The King Salmon Aiport

To the visitor from a major metropolitan area, there’s really not a lot to do around King Salmon in terms of easy access tourist type activities… bring a book and some patience!

The core of King Salmon consists of the airport, 2 nearby bars/restaurants (most years), a couple of motels, a small grocery store, a visitor’s center, and a gift shop – almost all within walking distance of each other. And depending on the time of year, you might add some swarming bugs (be mentally prepared for a possible onslaught from mid-June to early September.)

The following should give you a better idea of area options for before or after your Alaska fishing trip.


Eddie’s Fireplace Inn

  • Located across the street from the airport
  • Locally know as “Eddie’s” you can find good to average food in generally large portions
  • Open year round, but service generally slow, so allow extra time
  • Usually open at 7:30 am

Sockeye Saloon (formerly the King Ko)

  • Very clean and completely renovated in 2018
  • Located immediately next to the airport
  • Tasty but pricey food and drink
  • Small convenience store (in same building)
  • Should be open at 9:00am for breakfast

King Salmon Lodge

  • Located close to town, but not within walking distance
  • Offers upscale dining and lounge

King Salmon’s grocery store

AC Value Center

  • Located across the street from the airport and Sockeye Saloon, next to Eddie’s
  • Grocery store, plus some prepared (mostly fried) food
  • Prepare yourself for high, rural Alaska prices
  • Consistently open at 7:30 am


Eddie’s Fireplace Inn

  • Sometimes quiet, sometimes rowdy bar
  • Closes midnight or so

Sockeye Saloon

  • Clean and refreshing bar

King Salmon Lodge

  • Located close to town, but not within walking distance
  • Offers upscale dining and lounge


It’s worth stopping by the Visitor Center

The Visitor Center

  • Located immediately next to the airport
  • Offers an excellent selection of good books and reference material. Definitely worth stopping in.

The Airport Gift Shop

  • Located immediately next to the airport
  • T-shirts to nice Native crafts

Stretching your legs

  • Talk a walk on the road through or around town
  • Be aware, but not paranoid, that bears are regularly spotted around town – ask your motel about local bear sightings and problems
  • Potential for swarming bugs is VERY high mid-June through early September


  • The Naknek River runs right through town and offers excellent fishing for salmon and rainbow trout, but you’ll definitely need to hire a local fishing guide
  • It is not practical to fish this large river on foot near town, and you can expect to see a fair amount of people and boat traffic
  • Contact us for some Naknek River fishing guide recommendations
  • King Salmon Creek is a little over a mile from town and is fishable without a boat


About 15 miles down the “Alaska Peninsula Highway” you’ll find that this port town offers a few more amenities than King Salmon, but a taxi ride is the only practical way to get there (unless you rent or borrow a car).

  • D&D’s is a local restaurant with excellent food and some of the best pizza we’ve ever had
  • Use Redline Taxi 907.246.8294 to get there; expect to pay a seemingly ridiculous premium
  • Naknek Trading is the grocery store with a larger and better selection than AC Value in King Salmon
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • Naknek/Ace Hardware


If you have the time before or after your Alaska fishing trip with us, you can fly into this incredible National Park for bear viewing, fishing or hiking.

  • Brooks Camp offers world famous bear viewing but the reality is you’ll see plenty of bears while at our SAFARI camp
  • Katmai Air offers daily float plane flights into Katmai NP
  • Egli Air Haul, via wheel plane, can fly you into the Valley of 10,000 Smokes (site of the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century)

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