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Simms StreamTread Wading Boots


Change is hard, especially when it is trading in an old trusted product for a new one. We depend on our wading boots to keep us upright in the river. And because both operations offer a mostly walk and wade experience, we put a LOT of miles on our wading boots each Alaska fishing season – we can log dozens of miles during a single week.

I’ll admit I was slow to change to rubber soles. The fact is that felt soles are clearly one link to the spread of invasive species and they are being phased out of the market, but this wasn’t the only reason most of us at EPIC Angling & Adventure made the switch to Simms StreamTread over the last several seasons.

Why We Like StreamTread

Durability – Simms StreamTread is not another soft sticky rubber sole. That is one of the first things you will notice about them. This hardness promotes slow wear, allowing for more seasons in your boots.

Ligther – The rubber sole does not absorb water like felt, so each step is lighter compared to felt (this was the first real reason I became a fan of sticky rubber). And we don’t slog as much mud and water into our tents.

Traction – Utilizing a 360 degree lug pattern StreamTread bites into the surface of slimy rocks with traction comparable to felt. Out of the water you will have traction on surfaces you never did with felt; river banks, mud, and wet grass.

Eco-friendly – Though it is still necessary to thoroughly clean your wading boots, cleaning Streamtread soles is fast and easy.

Options – Simms offers a large line up of boots featuring StreamTread. Though not necessary at the EPIC Angling & Adventure operations, there are several metal cleat options for added traction.

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