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Fly Geek Custom Flies Steps Up



Skagit Minnow by Fly Geek Custom Flies.

Our friend, Matt, at Fly Geek Custom Flies  recently stepped up to the plate to help us out for the upcoming 2015 Alaska fishing season by tying up some killer Skagit Minnow patterns.

This pattern is, without question, one of the most productive flies we throw at king salmon (in the 10 to 40 pound range) out our OUTPOST camp in July.


Traditional Skagit Minnow colors are purple, pink and orange. Blue on black can be a productive combination, too.

Over the years we’ve learned sometimes you can’t rely on the big fly companies – they discontinue productive patterns without warning, or they run into backorder delays (disclaimer: sometimes it’s our fault for submitting late orders). This might sound like a gripe against the big companies. It’s definitely not.

We just want to acknowledge that the little guy (Fly Geek in this case) is definitely more agile and efficient on short notice, plus the quality is outstanding. And we appreciate that.

Thanks again, Matt, for helping us catch more king salmon in Alaska this fishing season!

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