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Santa Seen on Tidal Flat?


Santa on Tidal Flat?

Since it’s such a short trip from the North Pole, Santa seen salmon fishing in Alaska on tidal flat! Just kidding… But Mark with his full white beard could easily pass for Santa!

Here’s the real story: In 2010, 4 friends (“The 3 Amigos” + “Quatro”), traveled from the East Coast to our Alaska Wilderness SAFARI fishing camp in late August. These fishing friends had “such a wonderful experience and memorable time” they wanted to do something special for Mark, the Amigo captured in the photo on the right. After all, he was the impetus and inspiration for their trip.

Mark, the Amigo, immortalized in watercolor

Quatro, the “fourth” Amigo (a.k.a Ron), commissioned watercolor artist, Susanna Hart Thomer, after their trip to transform this moment of introspection and reflection on camp’s tidal flat to canvas. Then he presented it to him for his birthday this September as a reminder of their special fishing trip in Alaska. The painting now hangs in Mark’s favorite room at Stan’s (another Amigo) Double Eagle Lodge in Pulaski, NY.

This story and gesture can be a reminder to us all that not only is fishing in a beautiful place memorable, but what may be even more important (and sometimes overlooked), is the power and impact of the people you’re fishing with.

Thanks, Amigos + Quatro (Mark, Stan, Nick and Ron), for sharing this story from the 2010 season!

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