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Sam Egli Awarded Pilot of the Year


Sam Egli

2014 Pilot of the Year, Sam Egli.

Sam Egli of Egli Air Haul, the charter service company in King Salmon that provides fixed-wing and helicopter transportation services for our remote Alaska fishing camps, has been awarded “2014 Pilot of the Year” by the Alaska Air Carriers Association (AACA).

(Congratulations, Sam, from all your friends in the “Lower 48.”)

As taken from the AACA Award Recipients Announcement:


For proactive monitoring of weather and the “no fly” decision which saved lives and resulted in everyone coming home safely, which is the highest calling for a pilot: above comfort, mission or timelines.

The award recognizes an outstanding single feat performed by a pilot during the year, or extraordinary professionalism over a period of time.

Sam carried a geophysical research team to retrieve seismic equipment from the slopes of a volcano in remote southwest Alaska. His proactive choice to remain with the aircraft to monitor weather allowed him to make decisions based upon the latest information. Sam’s precautionary decision to evacuate based upon that information and the resultant “no fly” decision saved the lives of all aboard the aircraft.

Sam spent two cold days at 6500 feet on the slopes of that volcano until the Air National Guard’s 210th Rescue Squadron was able to reach him by helicopter. His wisdom ensured that no lives were lost in degrading weather.

Sam’s dedication to safety and methodical approach to risk management is respected by his peers across Alaska. His skill, judgment, and integrity have earned him the respect of the entire aviation community and the customers he serves. From a remote corner of Alaska, most often under less than ideal circumstances, he has been quietly and skillfully providing safe transport to a generation of Alaskans and those who serve them.

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