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SAFARI 2018 Special Photos


The photographer, Stephen Hall, is photographed with a nice silver.

Alaska Wilderness SAFARI offers a visually stunning landscape (and of course great fishing). For the average person it’s fairly straightforward to capture a memorable photo or two. But to take dozens of exceptional photos takes skill, along the will power to actually set your fly rod down while people around your are pulling in numerous thick-shouldered silver salmon and colorful Dolly Varden.

During September of 2018 the photo Gods smiled upon us. They blessed us with great weather and Stephen Hall, a humble fisherman with a camera and a great eye. (I’m not sure, but I think he used to shoot semi-professionally, but his humility never really confirmed that.)

Either way, he captured a lot of great photos during his fly fishing trip in remote Alaska. We could easily feature double the number you see below, but please enjoy this small selection…

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