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2022 Season Photos Ready to View


Remote Alaska Fly Fishing Adventure

Guest overlooking the river valley at SAFARI camp.

Please check out and enjoy the OUTPOST camp photos and SAFARI camp photos from the 2022 season. (More coming soon…)

We are really lucky. We have sooo many amazing photos from over the years. And as usual, the 2022 SAFARI camp photos are quite breathtaking. But, honestly, it’s not terribly hard to take an interesting photo there – the dramatic Alaska Peninsula scenery makes it an easy job! And in spite of a wet SAFARI season, we thankfully managed enough good weather days to capture a lot of great material.

Bristol Bay Fly Fishing Trip

Guest and “Obi-Don” with a nice OUTPOST camp king.

The 2022 OUTPOST camp photos are decent but a touch anticlimactic compared to a typical year but there is still some good photos in there. (It was also a rather wet season at this camp, too.)

THANK YOU to all who contributed!

Keep an eye on the EPIC blog for our Season Summary from each camp…

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