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Remote Alaska Fuel Prices



Fuel for bush planes and helicopters runs about $9.50 per gallon in King Salmon, AK.

Fuel prices last season in King Salmon, Alaska approached $7 per gallon for automobiles. Ouch. You can think about that next time you fill up your car in the lower 48.


2014 gas prices at the pump in King Salmon, AK.

Reality check: jaw dropping high commodity prices are the norm in “bush Alaska” – the remote areas off the grid, where fuel and supplies can only be delivered by barge or freight plane. A gallon of milk in King Salmon, for instance, nears $10 per gallon. Yeah, you read that right -10 bucks for some good ol’ vitamin D.

Keep your seat, it gets even better…

Aviation fuel for the bush planes and helicopters generally runs around $9.50 per gallon, if you fill up your plane in the town of King Salmon. Fly a few jugs of it to a remote fishing camp to run a boat, for instance, now we’re talking $22 to $23 per gallon.

As we always say, it’s just [a big] part of the price to enjoy a slice of fishing paradise in remote Alaska.

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