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How to Recycle Your Old Fishing Waders


Absolutely don’t throw your old breathable fishing waders away when you purchase new ones! The single best idea we have found for old waders at our remote fly fishing camps is to cut both neoprene booties off (or some portion of them), converting your footless waders into work overalls, or a work bib (if you’re too hip to wear overalls).

Because the leg length will now be a little short (a.k.a. “ankle-highs”) without the neoprene booty, it is best to combine the “new” work overalls with calf-high work or rubber boots.

These recycled work overalls are far more durable than typical rain paints and you’ll be completely waterproof while you crawl around in the mud (which we sometimes do while we set up camp on the Alaska Peninsula). Put on a good quality raincoat for head to toe rainstorm protection. Just don’t forget you can no longer wade over the top of your work boots! (We’ve done that a few times, too).

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