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Pebble Mine is Dead… for now.



Big news for all of us who have been trying to protect Bristol Bay’s wild, untamed lands and fisheries for more than 15 years. Pebble Mine is Dead… for now.

The permit denial did not come easy. It took years of efforts by thousands of voices. Plus good environmental science. Plus, whether you want to to acknowledge this or not, a tweet by Trump Jr. back in early August seemed to help put the final nail in the coffin.

THANKS TO ALL who wrote letters, donated money, informed their friends, made phone calls and wrote letters.

Here are a few articles about Pebble’s permit denial:

New York Times
Washington Post
USA Today

Pebble Mine is probably not dead-dead until permanent protections can be put in place for the region. Stay tuned to Save Bristol Bay for the latest news.

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