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New SAFARI Camp Rate Structure for 2013 Season


Mid Season offers great beach fishing!

We’ve updated and simplified the pricing structure for 2013 at our Alaska Wilderness SAFARI camp with no real effective price increase compared to 2012. We took the 2012 rate when 1 helicopter fly-out was included with the weekly price and either added or subtracted the cost of the single helicopter fly-out day.

Now we offer 2 different price points depending on the time of season and the number of helicopter fly-outs:

  • Mid Season

    • $5,250/person/week
    • July thru 3rd week of August
    • 0 days heli fly-out fishing
  • Late Season

    • $6,450/person/week
    • 4th week of August thru end of September
    • 2 days heli fly-out fishing standard each week

(Note that our charter flight aircraft configuration to/from camp on Saturdays will remain unchanged. That is, fixed-wing and/or helicopter depending on weather conditions.)

Why the Rate Structure Change?

The bottom line is we found over the last few seasons that the single helicopter fly-out day is not an efficient use of time or money. Plus, the following reasons:

Mid Season: We dropped the previously included 1 day heli fly-out so we can offer a more affordable Alaska fishing trip price. And this time of season offers plenty of fish in camp’s home waters and the most overall fishing diversity of the season, so you’ll have a great week of fishing even without the helicopter fly-out.

Late Season heli fly-out fishing can be VERY good.

Late Season: We lumped the previously optional 2nd heli fly-out into the weekly rate for pricing simplicity. Over the last 3 seasons, almost everyone upgraded from 1 to 2 helicopter fly-outs anyways. Why did they do that? Because our return guests know that there is some fantastic silver salmon fishing accessed via helicopter not to be missed during the Late Season!

Back-up Plan: We think the 2013 rate structure is a better plan compared to the last few seasons. However, let us know what you think – please give us feedback (positive or negative) about the new rate structure.

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