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Johnny Quiroz’s Alaska Photos


Johnny Quiroz, Alaska fishing guide and photographer

As we begin to share more of our photos with you, we need to acknowledge one of our former Alaska fishing guides, Johnny Quiroz, who now is a full-time professional photographer. Not only did he guide with us for several seasons, but over the years he captured countless incredible and unique photos – far too many to feature them all in the core part of our website.

I always joked with him, but with some twisted partial truth, that is epitaph would read, “Here lies Johnny Quiroz… looking for better light.”

So stay tuned for more of Johnny’s Alaska photos. And we hope that through his artful eye and photo storytelling, you better understand the EPIC story.

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  1. Bill Cason says:

    We really enjoyed fishing with Johnny. For those who read Drake magazine, Johnny is mentioned in the article about the Devil’s river in the current issue.

    Under the heading of turnout is fair play here’s a great shot of Johnny that my wife Kerry took of Johnny over at “shell cracker” back in ’09.


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