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Into the Wild


The bus used in the film "Into The Wild" still remains in Healy, Alaska.

The actual bus used in the film “Into The Wild” still remains in Healy, Alaska.

For those of you Alaska dreamers and travelers who have seen the film “Into the Wild” by Sean Penn or read the book by John Krakauer, you know what this photo is all about. For those of you who haven’t, the story is about a fairly well-to-do kid from the East Coast, Christopher McCandles, who rejects the conventional life and journeys across the U.S. on his way to his ultimate and final destination, the wilderness of Alaska.

To many, McCandles was a idealist and a dreamer. To some, he was foolish and ill-prepared to live off the land. I suppose there’s always two sides to every story.

Either way, “Into the Wild” is good read and a good watch. And we thought it was pretty cool to stumble across the actual movie prop in Healy, Alaska (just north of Denali National Park) parked outside the 49th State Brewery, a good place for eats and drinks.


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