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The Hot Shot Comet Lives


Salmon Flies

Brandon ties up pink hot shot comets, one of our favorite and best salmon flies – ever.

This year Umpqua, one of our favorite commercial fly manufacturers, discontinued one of the best and most productive salmon flies we’ve ever seen at our Alaska Wilderness SAFARI camp – the hot shot comet. There is obviously something about this fly that works so perfectly and reliably in the shallow waters of our tidal flat, when other typically productive salmon flies like the starlite or bunny leech are too big or heavy, or don’t wiggle the right way, or whatever it is that entices that salmon strike.

On top of that, Tiemco, a well known hook company, discontinued one of our favorite salmon fly hooks – the TMC 700. Who knows why, other than the obvious – this fly and this hook were not keeping the bean counters happy. These things happen.

BTW, we’re not complaining about the above, just leading into…

We thankfully had a couple of our fly fishing guides – one current and one former – step up to the plate this winter and spring to tie up dozens and dozens of flies for the upcoming Alaska fishing season.

Thanks Brandon and 2013 Mystery Guide.

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