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Yes, Grayling do Eat Mice Patterns


Grayling on Mice Pattern

A grayling on a Morrish Mouse.

Rainbow trout are far more notorious for aggressively pounding mice imitations on the surface. So fishermen at our OUTPOST camp are really shocked when they find out grayling in Alaska eat mice patterns as well. In fact, they eat the crap out of them… sometimes enough to provide all day long action.

They have small mouths, so a grayling will often hit multiple times before a fisherman can successfully get one on the line. Patience, and sometimes a slight pause before hook set, works well.

Grayling on mice patterns will definitely get you smiling, probably ear to ear.

On a slightly different note… in case you have never noticed, grayling have teardrop shaped pupils plus stunning hues of blue and cyan on their sides. You can clearly see both in the photo above.

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