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Goodbye Alaska, Hello Pavement



Standing on the site of SAFARI camp’s dining tent is the 2015 staff – Rus, Jordan, Karim, Carl, Chris, Shawn.

The 2015 Alaska fishing season is officially over for us. Both SAFARI and OUTPOST camps are broken down, packed up and stored until next summer. We’re all definitely ready for some rest now, but heading back home is always bittersweet… it doesn’t take long before we start missing the adventures of the Alaska Peninsula.

Overall, it was a great season of favorable weather and phenomenal fishing. It’s hard to believe it could get any better, but the fishing this year at the OUTPOST camp was even better than last. And even more exciting than that, we had the best silver run in a decade at SAFARI camp.

Keep an eye out for detailed fishing reports from each camp over the next week or so. And we’ll get photos posted into our photo galleries over the next few weeks as time permits.

Thanks again to all our guests for spending the week with us. It was good to see so many familiar faces, but also great to make some new friends. And again, thanks to the staff for working so hard and loving what you do.

See you next summer…

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