Sea-Run Dolly Varden
aka "Char or Arctic Char"

The sea-run Dolly Varden populations in this remote region of the Alaska Peninsula are very healthy. Catch rates can verge on ridiculous. They stage early season in the tidal flats and then eagerly follow the surge of salmon up the rivers and streams, strategically positioning themselves below the spawning salmon. Come mid-September, they display absolutely stunning spawning colors.

Fish of this type range from 1 – 6 pounds and average 1 to 2 pounds, depending on the time of year and season. We catch a 7 to 8 pounder from time to time. They are voracious, hard hitting and assertively take salmon egg and smolt imitations. Some days, skating flies across the top of the water can produce violent and prolific numbers of strikes! After experiencing a wild and pristine freshwater fishery like this, many anglers have proudly claimed their “best day of fishing… ever.”

  • Rod

    5 to 6 weight rods with medium to fast action
  • Reel

    Quality reel with disc drag to match rod
  • Line

    A floating line works well in all conditions
  • Leader

    8 to 10 pound