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Egli Air Haul Gets New Van


Egli Air Haul gets new wheels!

For those guest who were “lucky” enough to experience the infamous brown Egli Air Haul van, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a new van this summer. Actually, Egli Air upgraded their van in 2011, so we’re a little late in breaking this news to you. But nonetheless, for those of you who did not go fishing in Alaska last summer, you’ll get to enjoy a new ride to the hanger this fishing season.

Although we’ll all enjoy the comforts of the upgrade (complete with Johnny Quiroz photography graphics on the side), in some ways some we’ll miss the old, distinctive brown van. It sort of epitomized the rural Alaska town of King Salmon and the lives of the locals that live there.

If Only That Van Could Talk

The stories that were told in and about that van probably deserve a novel. And the stories I’m talking about are not just from our fishing guests. Certainly there have been stories about great Alaska fishing trips, brown bear sightings and encounters, helicopter fly-out fishing, the sliding door falling off its track, and probably a mention or two about the service at the local restaurants.

But beyond the world of our Alaska fishing adventures, there’s also been countless others adventures told by the Egli Air crew and other passengers… the details of search and rescue missions, the highlights of precision mountain top helicopter landings, the days of flying in crummy weather while filming Deadliest Catch, flying to the North Slope and back to the tip of the Aleutian islands, harsh winter storms, flying scientist to study the vast Alaskan resources and flying Alaska State Troopers to some remote village to pick up a bar drunk, among many more…

Yessir, that van’s been around. And when its wheels finally stop turning someday, we hope it rests peacefully in the tundra.

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