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Buy Good Raingear!


Forrest Gump best described what Alaska rain can be like, “Little bitty stinging’ rain… big ol’ fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.”

Rain is what makes Alaska so lush and why it is covered with endless lakes, streams, rivers, and bay systems, but you better be prepared. Although, Alaska does experience dry spells and spans of beautiful sunny weather (what Alaska fishing guides call “brochure weather”).

While working in fly shops over the years I have had customers return from Alaska fishing trips and comment, “I didn’t need that raingear you sold me, it didn’t even rain during my whole trip!” I always wanted to comment that they didn’t get the full Mother Nature experience, but instead they were actually very lucky.

Due to Alaska’s damp environment and frequent rain you will need to be prepared, so pack quality breathable raingear. Preferably raingear with waterproof zippers or zippers that can be covered by a “storm” flap, for those days of sideways rain.

And what may be more important than quality raingear is to be mentally prepared. But don’t worry, some of the most memorable days in Alaska can be those spent in pouring down rain… or sideways rain… or straight up from beneath rain!

by Head Guide, Ted Mendrek

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