Fitness Requirements for Outpost Camp


Alaska Fly Fishing Tent Camp

Daily hikes are required on this fly fishing adventure.


Your level of fitness is so important to the success of this adventure we dedicated an entire page to it.

This is a physical week requiring 15 to 100+ minute hikes across uneven and spongy tundra. The challenge is not the distance. It’s the uneven and soft footing that challenges most folks. There is almost no elevation change on our trajectories, but walking on tundra is like walking through soft sand or a field of thick, wet sponges… 1 tundra mile easily equals 2 to 3 pavement miles in effort.

The lower and middle stretches of the creek are a 15 to 35 minute walk across the tundra, and are not too bad for outdoorsy folks in better than average physical shape.

However, guests must be in excellent cardiovascular and physical shape to reach the upper stretches of our home river (45 to 100+ min. hike). You should be able to walk several pavement miles and multiple flights of stairs without being winded.

Forgive our bluntness, but please do not show up at camp in poor physical condition – it could make a long and possibly unenjoyable week. And please do not count frequent golfing or walking around the block as proper training for this adventure, or the tundra will definitely humble you!

Any questions? Please contact us.

NOTE: We suggest 250 pounds as a maximum guest weight limit on this adventure.