Alaska Fly Fishing Tent Camp

Daily hikes are required on this fly fishing adventure.


Your level of fitness is so important we dedicated an entire page to it.

This is a physical week requiring 15 to 100+ minute hikes across uneven terrain. There is almost no elevation change, but walking on tundra can be like walking through soft sand or a field of thick, wet sponges… 1 tundra mile equals 2 or 3 pavement miles.

Guests must be in excellent cardiovascular shape to reach the upper stretches (45+ min. hike) of our home river. You should be able to walk 5+ flights of stairs without being winded.

Please do not show up at camp in poor physical condition – it could make a long and possibly unenjoyable week. And please do not count frequent golfing or walking around the block as proper training for this adventure.

Any questions? Please contact us.

NOTE: We suggest 250 pounds as a maximum guest weight limit on this adventure.