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More Alaska Fly Fishing Trip Advice from our Guests


We posed this question to our entire guest list,

“What are the top 5 things you wished you had known before traveling to or fishing in Alaska?”

The following Alaska fly fishing trip advice came from first time guests to those who’ve made the trip to Alaska 10 or more times. We’ve already shown the top 5 and bottom 5 most popular responses from our guests. Following are the incidental comments – those that were good input, but they did not show up multiple times from multiple guests. We hope you learn something from these thoughts as well…

Yes, there are women out here... 5 to 15 percent of our guests each year!

Yes, there are women out here… 5 to 15 percent of our guests each year!

“How rejuvenating it is to be in REAL WILDERNESS.  I haven’t slept that well since.”

“Many fewer mosquitoes than expected [at SAFARI camp].”

“Women are out there!”

“Choose your friends wisely, you are stuck with them.”

“How good Alaskan Amber Ale is.”

“How nice the accommodations are. To be honest, I was concerned about sleeping and eating in tents. There was no need for concern. They are comfortable and actually really nice. The food was also impressive – fresh cooked meals from a real chef before and after a long day of fishing are really appreciated.”

“Leave your ego at home but be sure to bring an extra supply of patience with you.”

“Don’t forget to bring plenty of tip money. The guides really earn it. They also appreciate little things like leaving that paperback novel you read on the plane with them when you leave.”

“Dress in layers.”

“Ear plugs are wonderful on all airlines and airports.”

“A small pillow with styrofoam bean filling works well for airports and camp.”

Thanks to all our guests (and guides) that responded to our survey!

Thanks to all our guests (and guides) that responded to our survey!

“Make sure your wading boots are not too tight on your feet or your feet may get cold easy.”

“That you can’t just wander in and out of camp on your own fishing/hiking.  You are tethered to your body(bear)guard (i.e. guide) and somewhat to your partners endurance or lack of it.”

“The salmon in the river are literally fresh out of the salt water (in fact, during high tide, the river [in front of camp] is like a saltwater flat).”

“The reason NOT to bring studded boots is that they cannot be worn on the rubber floor of the tents.”

“EPIC’s SAFARI camp is probably one of the most remote in Alaska making even an afternoon of non-fishing activities very much worthwhile for the committed fisherman.”

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