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Head Guide Ted Mendrek’s 10th Season in Alaska


Head Guide Ted Mendrek, photo by ToshBrown.com

Please congratulate him, 2012 marks Ted’s 10th season at Alaska Wilderness SAFARI. He first guided at this Alaska fishing camp in 1998 after the former owner walked into an Orvis store in Dallas, TX, sized Ted up, then gruffed, “Hey boy, you want to work in Alaska this summer?” After a quick discussion with his wife, Ted (and his wife) embarked on a summer of adventure, hard work and fishing on the remote Alaska Peninsula.

During that summer “I got infected with Alaska,” Ted claims. “Something about it gets in your blood in an undeniable way.”

Nearly 15 years after his first summer fishing in Alaska, Ted is still giddy as the sport fishing season approaches. Admittedly, there are definite challenges to making the lifestyle of an Alaska fishing guide work with relationships and non-summer season employment. But somehow over the years Ted has made it work. And we thank and acknowledge him for that. (Of course, those with traditional jobs and typical life structure offer little sympathy.)

Why Everyone Loves Fishing in Alaska with Ted

Photo by JohnnyQuiroz.com

It seems many of our guests look forward to fishing with Ted almost as much as they look forward to returning to camp. Why? Ted offers a rare and unique level of customer interaction. And he doesn’t take his clients for granted, which generates a mutual appreciation between guide and client. Add that to an uncanny fishing intuition and some of the best fish spotting eyes on the water, you’d want to fish with him again, too.

Behind the Scenes

And the great thing about working with Ted is he doesn’t hesitate to pick up a broom, wash dishes, or take care of any of the less glamorous operational stuff that some guides will turn the their nose to.

Thanks, Ted, for all your years of hard work and continued commitment to customer service.

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