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Alaska Fishing Guide Bribery



A puppy makes a great peace offering, and probably a better companion than a fishing guide.

Ever want to “bribe” your significant other to let you be away for a season of guiding and fishing in Alaska? Try a puppy. It worked for one of our returning guides, Carl, for the 2015 season.

(I wonder what 2016 looks like… a pony?)

Granted, being away from friends and family and significant others is definitely not easy – for either party. But those who remain back home probably have the shorter end of the stick.

And although being a fishing guide in Alaska really is a pretty tough job with long hours and little down time, it sure beats the heck out of a desk job… by about 500 miles. At least we’re doing what we love (most of the time) – adventuring and fishing in remote and pristine places, and sharing these memorable experiences with others.

Yeah, it’s true, we don’t get a lot of sympathy from those who don’t share our passion. But we’re not really asking for any.

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