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Dolly Varden are Visually Stunning in September


Few freshwater fish are so visually stunning.

Not only are sea-run Dolly Varden aggressive feeders and tenacious fighters on a fly rod, in mid to late September on the Alaska Peninsula they flaunt incredible spawning colors – colors that rival even the most dramatic leopard rainbow trout we catch at our OUTPOST camp.

Of course, this claim is subjective. But one thing is for sure, we never get tired of admiring their colors in person on the river, or after the fishing season in photo form…


Colors worthy of an artist’s canvas, Nakalilok Bay, 2007


Helicopter fly-out fishing, 2007.


Another beauty caught while heli-fishing, 2010.


A HUGE dolly with incredible colors from the 2014 fishing season.


A more average-sized Dolly with great colors from our home river, 2002.


Nakalilok Bay’s home river can produce some BIG dollies, too! 2007.

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