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Great Bear Photos from 2014 Season


Alaska Coastal Brown Bear

2014 was a stellar year for bear viewing and bear photography at SAFARI camp.

Coastal brown bears are omnipresent at SAFARI camp. No exaggeration, we see them on a daily basis – sometimes at great distances, sometimes within close proximity. These regular bear sightings are just one aspect of what makes the SAFARI camp experience so unique. But we don’t always capture really crisp photos of these magnificent creatures. Often times they end up out of focus, or they just turn out to be little brown nondescript dots in a sea of green – you know, the kind of photo where your friend says, “Are you sure that’s a bear?

Alaska Bear Photography

The photo at the top of the page was taken at this distance with a 400mm telephoto lens.

Taking great bears photos at a safe distance is no easy task – it usually takes patience, persistence, putting your fly rod down, a little luck and what really helps… a big telephoto lens.

This season, one of our long-time friends and guest (on his 6th trip since 1997) dazzled us again with some phenomenal bear photos. Check them out, along with other cool bear shots by other guests, in the Wildlife Section our 2014 SAFARI camp photo gallery.

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