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2015 SAFARI Camp Photos Ready to View



SAFARI camp (barely visible in the foreground) offers spectacular scenery.

The 2015 SAFARI camp season photos are ready to view! And as usual, there’s some great material – thanks to everyone who sent in their photos. And for those who still have not, please do when you can – we want to see them!

Because of the great silver salmon fishing this season, you’ll notice a lot of fishing photos with silvers in them. But there’s still some good pink and chum salmon shots, along with a few quality dolly and “other fishing” photos.


One of our favorite 2015 hiking/group photos.

Be sure and check out the other photo sections as well (Friends, Hiking, Wildlife, etc.). There’s some really good stuff in there, like the photo on the right.

Looking through all the photos reminds us – even though great Alaska fishing is the core of the SAFARI camp experience, you could spend an entire season out here taking photos, hiking around and just plain exploring wild untouched wilderness. And that’s probably what really separates us from the typical fly fishing lodge in Alaska.

(Our apologies for the sales pitch… enjoy some great photos!)

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