Travel Overview

Travel logistics between our OUTPOST camp and King Salmon are much simpler compared to our SAFARI camp. Because of the helicopter transport to/from camp and camp’s closer proximity to King Salmon, you are far less likely to experience weather-related delays (compared to the SAFARI camp or many other Alaska fly-in lodges). Under most conditions, you can expect predictable travel between camp and King Salmon on Saturdays. Hopefully you’re not the first, but no guest has ever missed their connecting flight back to Anchorage!

Ready for take-off in King Salmon!

To King Salmon

We highly recommend that guests travel all the way to King Salmon, AK and overnight the day before your departure to camp.

Most major commercial airlines fly to Anchorage from the lower 48. As of February 2021, Alaska Air offers 2 to 3 daily flights between Anchorage and King Salmon. Departures time are 9:45am and 2:30pm Monday thru Friday, and thru Aug 15, 7:30am, 10:55am and 2:10pm Saturday and Sunday. If you can’t make the connection you may have to arrive Anchorage one day early and overnight.

Recently Ravn Air once again started offering multiple flights into King Salmon. Alaska Air is probably the safer bet if you can make their flight times work.

Of course check with the airlines for the latest flight times.

Katmai Air may be offering flights between Anchorage and King Salmon. And if your group is large enough (8 or more), a private charter may be the way to go. Contact us with questions.

Once in King Salmon, contact our charter company, Egli Air Haul at (907) 246-3554 to let them know you have arrived in King Salmon, or you may press #20 at the airport call terminal. If you are overnighting in King Salmon, call your lodging provider for shuttle service from the airport.

Arrival at OUTPOST Camp

To Camp

The next morning, Egli Air Haul will shuttle your party to their hanger then transport you from King Salmon to the camp via helicopter. The flight is a ½ hour.

Departing King Salmon

Egli Air Haul will return for you on the final day of your trip with us.

For your return flight to Anchorage that day, we historically ask guests to book a mid-afternoon flight to allow for possible morning weather delays when departing camp.

As of February 2021, there’s a Saturday and Sunday 4:00pm departure on Alaska Air that should work well; Mon thru Fri the departure time is 4:35pm.

Of course check with the airlines for the latest times. And we definitely recommend avoiding tight connections times in Anchorage on your way home. Although more rare at the OUTPOST camp, weather delays do happen!


Soft-side luggage is mandatory (two medium duffel bags is better than one large bag). Do not over pack and do not bring large hard-sided roller bags, as the helicopter has very limited cargo space. There is a strictly enforced 60 pound per person weight restriction (including rods/reels, day packs and duffel bags). Yes, you can get everything within 60 pounds. And you can safely leave extraneous items in the Egli Air Haul hanger.

We prefer that guests avoid bringing large “bazooka-type” rod carries; 3 and 4 piece fly rods and 2 piece spinning rods travel best on the helicopter.