Covid-19 Info, 2021 season

Covid-19 Info, 2021 season

In hindsight today (March of 2022) most of the 2021 policies were overreaction, but were certainly appropriate at the time. In 2022, our best policy is requiring a negative viral test, then monitoring guests for symptoms at camp.

Our 2021 Covid-19 policies are intended to keep our staff, guests and supporting communities safe. Our goal is that absolutely no one arrives our camps with a Covid-19 infection. The consequences for a lot of people, medically and/or financially, may be significant. Furthermore, since our remote camp locations have the potential for weather-related flying/evacuation delays and lack of definitive medical care, we must lean towards being conservative.

We really hope the negative test policy will be viewed as trip insurance for all rather than a burden to the individual. Meaning, if we do our best to ensure all guests show up negative, there is less chance of trip and financial disruptions for everyone involved. We also want to encourage all guests to be accountable for their pre-trip behavior and activities. Sure, this might come across as overstepping our bounds, but we feel it’s the right thing to do in 2021.

If we must cancel our season (or part of our season) because of Covid-19 complications, we will refund your payments or defer them to 2022.

If you must cancel your trip, your payments are not refundable unless that space can be refilled, but they are transferable to another person or to any open date within that season. Note, we are leaving Sept 18 – 25, 2021 at our SAFARI camp intentionally lightly booked to give guests a reasonable transfer option in 2021 should they be diagnosed with Covid-19 prior to their trip.

Don’t forget, travel and evacuation insurance may be purchased through Global Rescue.