The Tidal Flat

Most of our Alaska salmon fishing is accessed within a few minutes walk, and some of the most productive water is, literally, right in front of camp. After the entire tidal flat has drained down to a narrow, wadeable river, the incoming tide pushes waves of sea-bright salmon past anglers standing in ankle to waist deep water (plus, the flat has a firm sand bottom and clear water). Under these conditions, anglers battle salmon during the first moments out of their ocean habitat and will immediately notice the superior quality of these ocean-fresh fish.

And then… when the wind has calmed and the sun is bright, anglers may stalk pods of cruising salmon in the back part of the flat as if bonefishing in the Bahamas. This experience is the last thing you may expect while fly fishing in Alaska, but when the conditions are right, it is available at our camp and will absolutely blow your mind!