When the weather is nice in Alaska, it’s heavenly.

Typically, the earlier in the season the more mild the weather, but IT CAN RAIN ANYTIME IN ALASKA.

You can expect July and August daytime temperatures from the low 50s to the high 70s, nighttime temps from mid 40’s to low 50’s. Cold fronts arriving in September could drop nighttime temps into the low 40s, or occasionally but not often, the 30s. Daytime temps in September will range from the low 50’s to 60’s.

The later in September you travel to AK, the greater potential for colder/nastier weather. But when the weather is good in mid to late September, it is absolutely heavenly.

Be mentally prepared. Rain squalls and wind are likely to occur sometime during your week, so high quality hooded rain gear is essential. Remember to dress in layers – the conditions can change from rainy and windy to sunny and calm, and back, in the same afternoon.

Rain is likely to occur sometime during your trip, so high quality hooded rain gear is essential.

Please remember that you are traveling in a very remote area, even by Alaska standards, and weather-related flying delays can occur. And even though a helicopter does a better job in poor weather than a plane, we appreciate your patience in dealing with any possible delays.

If you check the weather forecast prior to arriving at camp, weather information from Chignik, AK is a better representation of camp’s weather compared to King Salmon, AK.