Travel Overview

Travel Overview

Remote Alaska Pensinsula Fly Fishing Trip

We used fixed-wing and/or helicopter to access camp

Following is a brief overview of the travel logistics to and from camp. For further details please carefully read our “Travel & Logistics” information sheet, which we will send to you via email or regular mail.

To King Salmon

Most major commercial airlines fly to Anchorage from the lower 48. But Covid really screwed up the historical good flight schedules between Anchorage and King Salmon.

The bottom line is we highly recommend that guests travel all the way to King Salmon and overnight on the Friday before you start your trip at SAFARI camp.

Currently you have two practical choices flying into King Salmon, Alaska Air and Ravn Air.

Once in King Salmon contact our charter company, Egli Air Haul at (907) 246-3554 to let them know you have arrived in King Salmon, or you may press #20 at the airport call terminal. If you are overnighting in King Salmon Friday, call your lodging provider for shuttle service from the airport.

To Camp

Remote Alaska Peninsula Fly Fishing Adventure

Arrival to SAFARI camp via fixed-wing

The next morning (Saturday), Egli Air Haul will shuttle your party to their hanger then transport you from King Salmon to the camp via bush plane and/or helicopter. The flight is stunning and takes 1 to 1½ hours. Generally, 3 round-trips are typically required to get all 9 guests and gear to/from camp.

In 2010 we added a helicopter as part of our standard charter aircraft fleet. This is a HUGE advantage in more reliably and consistently getting you to/from camp during poor weather days. The weather conditions on the Alaska Peninsula can be notoriously challenging, but now you don’t have to worry as much about getting stuck in King Salmon or at camp. Worry less, fish more!

Departing King Salmon

Egli Air Haul will return for you the following Saturday.

For your return flight to Anchorage that day, book a very late afternoon or evening flight to allow for morning weather delays when departing camp. The later the better.

Avoid tight connections times in Anchorage on your way home. Weather delays do happen!

If you want to mitigate travel surprises, usually due to weather delays flying from SAFARI camp to King Salmon, overnight again in King Salmon after your trip with us then depart to Anchorage the following day. You’d likely have time for a guided half day of fishing on the famous Naknek River, some DIY fishing on King Salmon Creek near town, or a quick trip to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park via Katmai Air before you return to Anchorage. Or just hang out and relax.


Please bring “soft” luggage (two medium duffel bags are much better than one large bag) and do not over pack, as these specialized aircraft have limited cargo space. There is a strictly enforced 50 pound per person weight restriction, including rods/reels, day packs and duffel bags. Yes, you can get everything within 50 pounds. And you can safely leave extraneous items in the Egli Air Haul hanger.