Photo by JohnnyQuiroz.com

Hike to stunning waterfalls

In case you can’t lift you arm anymore, or are just looking for a change of pace, guests may opt for an easy to moderate day hike to explore some of nature’s finest offerings. Beach combing may produce a whale vertebrae, unusually shaped driftwood, or a unique rock or shell. Other areas of the coastline offer superbly sculptured rock formations and tide pools where you may see mussel and barnacle beds, or uncover a whole world of other intra-tidal life. Hikes to gorgeous waterfalls will pass through lush plant growth where you may see colorful wildflowers, edible berries ready for harvest, or perhaps a unique leaf fossil.

There is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, beauty and humility after climbing to a higher vantage point to fully appreciate this awesome landscape. For the physically fit, there exist an unlimited number of unexplored ridgelines and summits to conquer.