The Fishing

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Alaska Wilderness SAFARI is an unrivaled fishing adventure in its remoteness, fishing diversity and dramatic scenery.

Our SAFARI camp provides a well-rounded and unique Alaska fishing adventure that can accommodate die-hard fisherman and families. And on top of the world-class fishing opportunities, the camaraderie, the wildlife, and the appreciation of our natural surroundings is just as important as the bend in your rod.

Our coastal location offers diverse waters to fish and high volume fly (or spin) fishing for chrome-bright salmon and sea-run Dolly Varden. And although not a focus of our program, you have the option to fish for various saltwater species.

Fishing Overview

What you can expect on your remote Alaska Peninsula fly fishing adventure with us:

  • Productive fishing directly in front of camp
  • Diverse and unique types of waters to fish
  • Superior quality and prolific populations of Alaska sportfish
    • Silver salmon
    • Chum salmon
    • Pink Salmon
    • Sea-run Dolly Varden
    • Halibut
    • Other species
  • Only 1/3 mile from the salt water means hard hitting, ocean-fresh salmon
  • Top water action (“wogging”) for silver, chum and pink salmon
  • Helicopter fly-out fishing to access even more remote areas

You won’t fish near fishermen from another Alaska fly fishing lodge your entire week!

Species Timing

SAFARI Species Timing

Click timing chart to enlarge

This chart shows the prime times for the primary species we pursue at SAFARI camp.

Although most anglers initially come to SAFARI camp for our chrome-bright, fresh from the ocean Alaska salmon fishing, many come back for the phenomenal sea-run dolly varden fishing… and a few will even try for halibut, cod or rockfish on a fly.

We do occasionally catch sockeye salmon, and on rare occasions, king salmon. But most of the river systems on the Pacific side of the Alaska Peninsula do not support big runs of sockeye or king salmon.

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